What were you thinking?

Were you even thinking that night that you so passionately kissed her?

Over time she had started feeling as though you two had became closer spiritually especially that night that you took over her physically.

It’s bad enough that you had already taken control over her mentally, but I guess you wanted to have your cake and eat it too.

And to think that she confided in you.

She paused her life for you.

Maybe even missed out on a potential husband for you, but do you care?

You so carelessly made it seem like there may be a future for you and her.

Conversations suggested that you two may even be together.

She can’t deny the times that you made her feel like a virgin by making love to her.

Your spirits seemed to have intertwined as the deceptions became even clearer,

But denial of the reciprocity didn’t want her to feel like a quitter.

So now on your hands you have a girl with a broken heart,

Who has came to the realization that you’ve been a wreckless lover from the start.