Tell me that everything is going to be ok. Tell me to stop crying. Come and wipe my tears away. Tell me that you’ll always be in my life. Let me know that I won’t have to start over or let go. I want you. It pains me to have known the truth all along but to still cry over it. Let me feel like I belong to you. Let me submit to you as our passion intertwine again. I got to know that these feelings aren’t in vain. I just want to see your face. If only I could hold you right now or be in your arms again. I miss you. Help me to understand my dreams of your always being there for me. Let them be fulfilled. Please don’t be another man of my past. Before a friend of mine died she told me that I can’t be with anyone else because you’re the only one I see. I thought I’d get over it, but apparently I didn’t. I’m tired of these bottled up emotions. You’re the only one that can make me feel better. Make me happy. Keep making me feel free. You’re passionate, you’re the prototype, and you’re the subject of many of my prayers. I feel like you can’t hear my cries or feel how I reach for you. Tell me it’d all be better.