Ain’t I a Feminist by Aaronette M. White is the summary of a social study regarding African American male feminist. It covers everything from education, to politics, to intimacy. It explained scenarios and values toward feminism by men. Some things I liked and others I didn’t.

Miss White did a study that included interviews and surveys of different men from different social and economical backgrounds. These men were asked questions regarding their home life from the past and present, educational background, relationship status, religious affiliation, and sexual orientation. Most of these men were active members in society for their causes. Many of them battled with traditional sexist ways. Even though they were different, their focus was the same which was to bring awareness to feminism in the Black Community.

What I didn’t like about this book is the parallel that the author tried to draw between feminism and struggles in the LGBT community. One of the men that were interviewed is a FTM (female-to-male) transgender person. To me that was cheating. Some of the men were gay and bi which I had no problem with because at the end of the day, they were still men. Those men didn’t try to focus on the LGBT issues, but instead on the issue at hand which is the struggle of black women. The reason that I don’t like the LGBT struggle part is the fact that that struggle is one in itself. No one chooses which sex they are born, but you choose whether or not to live a lifestyle based on your sexual preferences.

What I did like is how open these men were. They were vulnerable, and showed their shortcomings as well as their improvements. The book overall was informative and could be used in any Sociology, Women’s Study, or Race Relations course. I’d recommend this book for any one interested in feminism, and want to read different points of view.