Common themes in my dreams have been a little too accurate to my current life. I’m not gonna go into detail as to why they are relevant, but I will explain the meanings of these using what I’ve read from :

  1. Clothing symbolizes your public self. I often dream of  a closet full of new clothes. This shows a new attitude and a new persona. It shows new forms of expression.
  2. I’m going to use an umbrella term of natural occurrences because mother nature is seen in many ways in my dreams. Floods show the need to release sexual desires as well as emotional issues and tensions. Hurricanes show overwhelming emotions, and sudden unexpected changes. Rains shows forgiveness and grace as well as fertility and renewal. Earthquakes represent fears and a sense of helplessness.
  3.  Light bulbs show the readiness to accept/face reality. Spiritual enlightenment and a new direction also comes into play.
  4. Bridges often appear in my dreams as run down. This show that I should not contemplate any major changes at this time.
  5. Driving symbolizes the direction of my life. It can show that I’m unsure about the direction of my life, can show my sex drive, or my ambition.
  6. Eating can show the lack of spirituality and fulfillment. Food can represent love, friendship, ambition, sex or pleasure in your life.
  7. Babies: I’ve dreamed of being pregnant, nurturing my own baby, and taking care of others’  babies. Babies show warmth and innocence. Pure joy, hidden potential, deprivation of attention, awareness of vulnerability, as well as regression could all be meanings of a baby in a dream.
  8. Love/lover dreams may compensate for the lack of love in one’s life. It can show acknowledgement of true inner value. Unresolved issues can also be a factor.
  9. Falling indicates insecurities, instabilities, and anxieties. Being out of control of certain situations and a sense of inferiority of a circumstance could be another factor. It may even show a lack of discretion.
  10. Swimming shows the exploration of the subconscious and emotion. It may show that one is seeking emotional support.

In conclusion, because of what these different things mean, I have been taking them into account. I have been listening to my dreams and things have been looking up for me.