So I’ve tried this Smooth-n-Hold Pudding because I do not like how hair gels dry out and damage hair. I also like to wear buns and ponytails between relaxers so I figured that this would help keep the fly-aways down right. Well it does work but for a limited time. In my hair it felt tacky. If you wear it when it is warm and/or humid outside then it seems to melt. It claims to moisturize, shine, and hold. It did none of these for me. I looked at the label and saw how it has sulfates in it which is not good for hair. It has a flowery smell to it. I’m not talking about a nice fragrant honeysuckle. Imagine magnolias, roses, and musk or a sharpie. Either way it goes I do not like this mess. Good thing is was only like $3.99 at a hood hair store.

PS: Couldn’t find a picture that would work.