My favorite Presidential Candidate is President Barack Obama. He is my favorite because of how down to earth he is. He has not let his political affiliation change who he is. Many people criticize the fact that he doesn’t mind going to talk shows or making time for leisure. My question to those critics are, Is he not still a person? This man has the weight of a nation on his shoulders. Even though he carries this burden we must not forget that he is a family man first. If he does not take time for himself then what good is he for anyone else?

Another reason why he is my favorite is because he seems to understand the struggles of others. He knows that the interest rates of students loans are outrageous. He himself just not too long ago finished paying off his. He understands that if we can not pay off student loans at the current rates, then it’d be illogical to double those rates. I admire his stance on gay marriage. He seems to understand that marriage is a civil union therefore making it a civil right. Because it is a civil right, who are we to say can and cannot be legally bound? This country is supposed to be for the separation of church and state anyway right?

Last but not least, he is comfortable with himself. He is confident and not cocky. I love reading and hearing about how him and Michelle met. I love the fact that he was not afraid to approach someone who was once his boss. Michelle is a strong black woman who probably doesn’t need a man; however, Barack is strong enough to be the man that she doesn’t need. You see what I did there? Together they are an example of how couples can be strong for themselves as well as others. I was not old enough to vote in the 2008 elections, but this year I’m going to make sure that he gets my vote.
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