Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl by Harriet Ann Jacob is an autobiography of a slave girl. It’d be hard to summarize this book without giving it away. These are key points that I got from the book.

  • Up North during slavery, Blacks were successful, educated business owners.
  • Even though segregation was prevalent in the North, Blacks were free, and immigrants helped to look out for them.
  • Some slave owners actually fell in love with their slaves.
  • After the Nat Turner Revolt, Blacks were split among the Baptist, Methodist, and Episcopal churches.
  • Whites used Christianity as a guilt trip to justify slavery.
  • White women were also victimized  during slavery due to their husbands’ infidelity.
  • After a certain age, slaves weren’t allowed to receive a share of meat.

This gave me a whole new perspective of race relations in what I thought I knew about American history.