Nova Sankofa

Hello, loyal reader. I’m back with Volume 2 of the Bedroom Files. Volume 1 entailed “Lick Her Crack For A Late Night Snack”, this is the sequel. With this, I will present to you a problem plaguing our community and probably communities worldwide. Men not allowing their women to feel free in the bedroom. The bedroom (or wherever else you choose to have sex) should be a place where your woman’s wildest dreams are met, not a place of judgment.

 A big problem men (I’ve been guilty also) make is judging other women in front of the woman we deal with. Sometimes, your woman telling you about what another woman did is testing you – because she wants to do it. When she says, “Tasha bought some whips and handcuffs while we were out. She’s weird” – Don’t you agree with her! Respond with something to the affect of “Why…

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