Working Class White by Monica McDermott was a sociological observation on racism, sexism, and classism when it comes to certain geographical locations. Her study was done while working jobs in Boston and Atlanta in lower income areas. She observed how people of different races interacted which each others in these areas. She spoke with people about their views of US born citizens and foreigners.

I didn’t get past chapter two of this book because it was hard for me to get into it. Usually if I don’t read a book within 2-3 days then it just won’t happen. Her observations may have been good, but it seemed as though she tried too hard. She wrote from the perspective of how whites aren’t expected to be poor or broke. This approach was fine, but she tried too hard. I understand that all ethnic groups have those that are in the lower income brackets; however, it seemed as though she was trying to prove that whites can relate to the struggle of blacks. History has shown that the struggles can’t be related.I’d recommend this book to anyone that would want to know how it ended. I’d recommend it to those that are studying sociology or economics.