Today for the 1st time I caught an episode of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. It was amazing. It was an interview with Wishes Fulfilled author Wayne Dyer who gave such insightful advise on life. He spoke about how in every thing we do we must have the mind of  God. God does not ask anything of us and yet He continues to do for us daily. He said that every morning the sun rises and not once does it say to the earth, “You owe me”.

He went further on to say that to get into the mind of God we have to realize that He lives in us. Every time we say “I am” We are talking about God. He quoted part of Joel 3:10 that says, “Let the weak say, I am strong”. He also said how the Bible says that we should speak things as though they were.

I am literally sitting here on the verge of tears because Lord knows I needed to hear that message. It gave me so much courage and renewed my faith. Because of that I wrote a list of  “I Am”, and I advise that others do the same. My list is below: I am…

  1. independent
  2. spiritual
  3. intuitive
  4. determined
  5. adamant
  6. intelligent
  7. worthy
  8. blessed
  9. a blessing
  10. strong
  11. fearless
  12. hopeful
  13. faithful
  14. selfless
  15. growing
  16. free
  17. learning
  18. seeking