Because of my fear of needles and dislike of medicine, I’m always looking for alternative medical techniques. Like many other women, my cycle pretty much does what it wants. The one before this one, I had only one cramp the whole time which is unusual for me. I usually have them a week before menstruation begins. Today is day 2 of the current one that I’m in. I think that it’s about to start back on it’s regular schedule like it was 7 years ago. I’m not trying to get into numerology before I actually read up on it, but I was always told that the number 7 is God’s perfect number. So anyway I have not felt as badly as I did this morning in  a long time. I’m talking about I was feeling like I was ready to pass out, or go to the ER for IV. So I remembered one of the reasons why I virtually had no pain last cycle which was music. So now I have B. Slade’s Songs ‘O Lament album on repeat and I have my strength and appetite back. I’m also no longer in pain. You can’t tell me that music does not have healing power. I want to look more into his topic for future references.