Ok! So this one is for the ladies. Now usually people don’t rave about feminine hygiene products, but this pad is a miracle worker. I was skeptical trying these because of how thin they are. Little did I know, they are better than maxi pads. Maxi pads tend to not hold onto moisture, and if you sit down on a pad whether or not it is full, it tends to squeeze the moisture out of the pad. These little thin pads are about the same thickness as a quarter. When you are wearing them, they form to your body so that it moves with you. Maxi pads tend to do whatever they want to when you are moving. If you look at the top of these pads after wearing them for a while, it seems like you haven’t had any flow. If you turn them over, the pad is full. I love this because it shows you how it is actually working. They come with and without wings. I suggest that you try these ladies!