Sometimes you want to tell someone something, but you can’t or shouldn’t. Well because of that I sometime write “dear anonymous” letters. That way I can get out all that I need to say without causing any problems. It also allows me to fully be transparent  as if I were speaking directly to that person. Here’s my latest letter below:

Dear Anonymous,

You made me feel free as if I were ready to spread my wings. You were my diary and counselor in times of confusion. You understood me like no one else has. I’m not sure if you are just insightful or if that understanding was intentional, but I thank you. I adore you. Your mind is a vast space that somehow brought out my emotions. You are humble, warm, and nurturing. I miss you. It hurts, but I’m not angry. I still care about you. I still fee you when I need comforting. Your lingering scent gives me a blessed assurance. I wish there was a way to sit with you face to face to truly get all of these feelings out. Until then, I miss you my friend.