Since I’m I’am younger than Moses was, I climbed the mountain to talk to God. I spent the following 40days 4 hours, in an appropriate twitter silence. When I came down, I saw the twitteralites, had lost all direction in the art of the #HeyBoo.

I present to you… #TenHeyBooCommandments… Henceforth…

1.) Thou shall not drop #HeyBoos to ugly women.

  • This means… Scroll through her recent images first.
  • Disclaimer: Ugly is relative to what your girl would call ugly, once she sees you dropped a #HeyBoo

2.) Perception is reality. You were being innocent, she being lonely. Perfect Storm.

  • Know who you’re going after. A lion prowls, then pounces. Refer to the “Lion King” for lessons.

3.) Don’t #HeyBoo on the first tweet, first DM, or first date.

  • She wont appreciate it. 1 million men on twitter dropping em, make yours count.

4.) Ask her this, “Is Pious, Pious…

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