From what I understand from history, the Pilgrims…Puritans…Separatists…whoever was on the Mayflower came to America because they were fed up with the Church of England. They came to the US and set up their own government, towns, churches, etc. Today I want to address the religion issue. Lets fast forward to George Washington  ‘nem. During the construction of the Constitution, ideas such as religious freedom were being accepted. The slaves that were brought from Africa could not fully enjoy this freedom. The church used the story of Ham’s curse to justify their treatment of slaves. In many places, they were separated among the Baptist, Methodist, and Episcopal churches so that they could not rise up against their owners. I don’t think Jesus would have approved of their using His Word to control people. The New Testament says that we are of one blood. We are supposed to love others as ourselves. You can’t tell me that you can logically say that America has a Christian foundation when it clearly does not. Religious freedom =/= Christianity and it certainly wasn’t upheld.