Why does it feel seem like sometimes we’re allowed to become close to someone only for that relationship to be broken apart at the best part? Why must people be jealous of the relationships that were established before them? People need to stop letting their insecurities come between two people. Why does it seem like the one we love is the one we can’t have? It’s like you can have every other person in the world, but none of them will match up to what you really want. Is this some dirty life trick? Why is it that right when you’re about to get over someone, they find a way to creep back into your life? What kind of sorcery is this? Now I understand the law of attraction. I’ve written out and believed some affirmations that have came true…but what can’t they come true about you? Every dream I’ve had about you has came true, but I’m ready for the last couple of them to be. This rant has no reason, but to just get some things off of my chest smh