One day I caught a marathon of Dance Moms on Lifetime. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the show, I’ll give you a little background information. Dance Moms is a show centered around the kids and moms of Abby Lee Dance Company. The kids are on a team that competes and travels. The moms have mixed emotions towards things that go on at the school with the kids and Abby Lee. This particular episode showed a mom named Caya and her daughter named Nicaya trying to get in on the dance team. Below is  a clip that shows Nicaya showing Abby what she knows.

I have no problem with what Abby is trying to do here. She’s trying to educate the girls to make sure they are well rounded dancers. Nicaya’s mom wasn’t too thrilled about the fact that here daughter should know this to dance. From fall 2001-spring 2008 I played the violin at school. Throughout those years we were taught more than just how to play. We had to know how to read music, know what words meant, know the symbols etc. We were taught in a way that’d help us figure out a piece of music even if we had no teachers around. There is nothing wrong with knowing what you are doing. I have a problem with the way that her mom reacted for two reasons. 1) It showed that ignorance is acceptable. It’s bad enough that too many people don’t know what they are doing in many of the things that they do, but “good enough” should not be acceptable. 2) As a Black woman she should want her daughter to know this. It’s bad enough that as a whole the Black community still isn’t where it should be, so she should be doing everything to get her daughter up to speed if not ahead of the other dancers. Below is a clip of how she tried to pull the race card to justify the drama that unfolded by trying to put her daughter on the team.

She tried to pull another mom into the argument just because she was Black. I don’t agree with this because it was a weak move. Why do people still try to lean on the race crutch when backed into a corner? In my opinion, she should’ve just chilled because she was new anyway. New people should pay their dues. Then she had to pull the “I’m from the hood” card. I really wish that people would get away from a hood mentality. I couldn’t find the whole episode because I didn’t look long enough, but something about this particular one did not sit well with me. I know that this is just one episode of one show, but ignorance happens in real life. It’s just time for Blacks to stop accepting it.