This past year I’ve really witnessed and lived what I think faith really means. 1st I didn’t even know what I was gonna do after I graduated. I was trying to get over someone who I’d thought I’d never see again. I was feeling awkward about staying in town when most of the people I know have moved on. I started to feel isolated and vulnerable. The spring semester that I graduated, I saw a post about an internship at the state capitol here. I kind of brushed it off until the fall semester. That’s where things get interesting.

As shown in this post I recently finished an internship. One thing about me is that I tend to second guess myself. I applied to that internship just to see if I’d get it not expecting to get it. I think my action is what helped me get it. I also asked my job if I could only work certain days in order to participate in that. They allowed me to do that. That internship has opened up so many doors for me. The fall before that, I was really playing with the thought in my mind and I’m glad I followed through with it.

Now I’m volunteering at an agency that I hope I can be employed with. One of my grad classes is actually taught by a detective. One of his detective coworkers is in the class. A special agent for the attorney general is also in the class. The professor that teaches it is one of the reasons I’m in grad school, I’ve taken a few of his classes before, and he ran into me at my internship. I feel like every step I’m taking now is leading me professionally in the right directions. Hopefully I can apply this faith to other areas in my life and just receive the strength that I need to be free from things that hold me back. Sometimes…well most of the times you have to be your own motivation.