We can all agree that Miley Cyrus needs to get somewhere and sit down which can be validated by this awkward piece that CNN has done about her.

 But that’s not point of this rant today. What I want to know is why has Miley become such a headline when it comes to twerking, but a few years ago CNN did a Hip Hop vs America special. Here is a clip of it below.

 At the time that CNN did this special, I agreed with everything they said about hip hop. Then I realized that those are grown women who can do what they want to. What I want to know is why when Miley does it, she gets an article on Yahoo talking about how healthy twerking is, but Nelly and them were scrutinized for their videos? I understand that hip hop can do a better representation of women, but why hasn’t Miley been compared to feminism? (If she has then send me a link in the comments because I’m keeping my viewing of this topic at a minimum). Why is it that when Beyonce breast feeds at a restaurant there is a buzz about feminism and breast feeding, but Miley isn’t being held responsible?

Could it be because she’s white and her father has one of the most popular country songs in history? I think it could be. Also why people think that twerking has just been put on the map when it has been going on in Africa for centuries before being oversexualized in the modern world? Ya’ll thought this was going to be a scholarly article? Not just yet. I understand Miley is trying to show that she’s not Hannah Montana. I also understand that she wants to explore her sexuality. The only thing I wished that the media did was actually explore the history and culture where it comes from before putting Miley out there.

In my opinion, CNN needs to revisit this segment and other conversations and issue an apology about certain things. I also think that Miley needs to stay in her lane. She isn’t the cute teenager on Disney world anymore, but she could be a great singer if she honed her voice. Some people even compared her to Madonna. I’m not here for Madonna anyway so it doesn’t matter. Thoughts?

Here are the real twerkers: