Numerology Reveal Your Life Numbers is a book that gives a short history of the use of numbers and their significance. It also takes you on a step by step process on how to figure out what different numbers in your life means. Different types of numbers in here use various combinations of your birthday and/or your birth name. The various history that it explains includes the Bible, I-Ching, and Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.  Then it takes you through a journey such as finding your destiny number, life path number, personal year number etc then it explains the good and bad side of these.. At the end of the book, it provides a space for you to work out these numbers so that you can have a personal record for yourself.

I really like the fact that this book acknowledges the fact that many beliefs  and systems are based on or heavily reliant on numbers such as how Jesus had 12 apostles, we have 10 fingers and toes so we use a base 10 system, and there are 12 astrological signs. I’d recommend this book for anyone who is interested in numerology. It was interesting that I found this book because I was looking for something in the book store that’d give me some inspiration and a little pick me up. I was feeling kind of blah yesterday, and this book did it. It’s straight to the point, and I didn’t have to turn 50 pages to get to the good parts. I also caught it on sale for $5.98 so it was a bargain.