Recently Solange has released a compilation album called Saint Heron which is under her record label of the same name. Because I can’t stop listening to the album, I’m going to do a track by track review of my five favorite songs.

  1. “Lockup” by BC Kingdom is a heartbroken masterpiece about unrequited love with class. The artist rather kill the person that he can’t love than to be free. His voice is ethereal and makes a person want to get high, cry, and call the person that hurt them.
  2. “Jaded” by Jade De Le Fleur seems to be about insanity caused by a lover who doesn’t know who they are and ultimately causes the singer to feel jaded. Confusion over the lover’s actions has her running from the feeling. The vocals are light and melodic. The beat is sensual.
  3. “Bank Head” by Kingdom feat Kelela is reminiscent of a person who has become a bad habit. This has a 90s skating rink feel with a catchy beat that ironically makes you want to do the bankhead bounce. It could also talk about an old love since they look away after glancing at each other.
  4. “Drinking and Driving” by Jhene Aiko speaks about total sensual submission to a lover who deserves it. The singer will do anything for the one she loves. The drinking and driving could be an analogy to reckless love or to lovers who aren’t good for each other. It sounds like something that really should be a radio single because it’d get a lot of radio play. It’s pure R&B, but it’s also something the masses can appreciate.
  5. “Cash In” by Solange is about lovers who don’t need material things. All they need is each other’s love. The harmonies and percussions make you want to fall in love with love.

Overall this album sends you on an emotional rollercoaster of hopelessness, hope, courage, infatuation, and inspiration. The recurring dark tones makes me want to be held and make love. The live instruments were strong. To me it reminds me of Sade and Goapele. I highly recommend this album for those that appreciate R&B, adult contemporary, and soul