1st and foremost, I think it will be good to tell my readers that I have hair that is in between 3C and 4A. It is also relaxed.

Today I decided to put in come clip in extensions for a bun. I also ran into a sale at Walrgreens that had all Organix products buy one get one free. I bought two bottles off the Coconut Shampoo, two bottles of the Coconut Conditioner, and decided to try the relaxing balm and the Argan Oil of Morocco.

My hair was last flat ironed two days ago. According to the balm’s label, this product is supposed to smooth your hair to prevent flyaways and frizz. When I pumped it into my hand, it felt like something from a black hair care line. Imagine Perm Repair, but with more moisture and without the drying feeling. So I rubbed it in my hands then applied it to the perimeter of my hair to smooth it. Then I used my Conair paddle brush to evenly distribute it into my hair. Because it is a smoothing product, I thought I’d have to use a bristle brush. You know the kind every black girl grows up with? To my surprise I didn’t need that brush at all. All I needed to do was gather my hair into a ponytail because of how slick it has my hair. It actually seems to straighten your hair a little more. I noticed this because my hair wasn’t as slick as the extensions, and now I look like Pocahontas.

If you have natural hair, then it may probably work for your blowouts, braid outs, twist outs, etc.

P.S. I used the Organix flat iron spray when I straightened my hair so that may be why this product worked so well.