For some reason Queen Bey has been under a lot of scrutiny due to the sexuality of her latest album. People had problems with her Grammy performance and Bill O’ Reilly claims that her video for “Partition” teaches girls to be smuts. Well people are acting like Beyonce was always an innocent woman when it came to sex, but lets review her history shall we?

  1. In 1998 the Destiny’s Child self-titled album debuted. One of the singles off of the album was named “With Me Part I”. The song speaks about how a woman been looking for her man, but her man been going to see the members of Destiny’s Child.
  2. The next year the group released an album named The Writing’s on the Wall that had even more suggestive themes. One of the songs named “Confessions” starts out “The day you pissed me off I told Mike to pick me up. I told em you was buggin and I don’t like to fuss”. It goes on to explain how she slept with her “friend” Mike because her boyfriend pissed her off.
  3. “Temptation” is a song about how lead singer Bey is at the spa with her girls, but has been watching another man. Again another song about cheating.
  4. “If You Leave” was a song with the group featuring R&B group Next. The chorus says, “If you leave her, I’ll leave him. We’ll pack our bags. Don’t say a word. Let’s go far away to another place. Let’s hide away. Oh just you and me”.
  5. “She Can’t Love You” is about how Beyonce saw her ex with his new girl and is telling him that she’s not what he wants. The group chimes in by singing “She can’t love you like I do”.
  6. In 2001 after the drama of the group break up and management problems, Survivor was released. One of the singles which was used for Charlie’s Angels is called “Independent Women” features a line that says, “When it’s all over please get up and leave”. I know people don’t think this is talking about praying.
  7. “Apple Pie a’ la Mode” is about them seeing a sexy man and describing him as a chocolate covered strawberry.
  8. “Sexy Daddy” is about them going to the club and finding their baby’s father.
  9. Destiny Fulfilled was their last studio album which was released in 2004. “T-Shirt” is a song about how a woman sleeps in her man’s tshirt when he’s away. It also describes how when she’s missing him, she tries to masturbate while thinking about him, but it isn’t the same.
  10. Beyonce’s debut solo album came out in 2003 under the name of Dangerously in Love.  “Hip Hop Star” is a song featuring Big Boi and Sleepy Brown. She had Big Boi telling women to “Take off dat tank top and pull of them drawls”. “Speechless” talks about making love while getting sweaty and rubbing backs.

I’m not sure what Beyonce ya’ll been paying attention to, but her sexuality is nothing new. Get over it, and enjoy her live performance of “Speechless”. I know I’ve left off some reasons, but I chose songs that weren’t singles because people don’t pay attention to whole albums.