This is going to be a post of different random thoughts.

When I was at work tonight I asked myself, “I wonder what is the stronger energy between femininity and masculinity or are they polar opposite?” I wonder if the differences between the two energies are like night and day or does one over power the other. I’m not talking about the two in terms of gender roles and social constructs. When I think of feminine energy, I think of something productive. I think of flowers blooming and producing fruit. I think of life coming from the earth. I think of the the gentle touch of someone who cares; the hug that heals an emotional wound at the right time. When I think of masculinity, I think of destruction. I think of a wildfire ravaging a forest. I think of a war leveling out a once civilized nation. I think of a hardship.

Come to think about it, you really can’t have one without the other. What came to my mind is how a wildfire might burn down a forest full of pine trees. When a pine cone gets exposed to fire, the seeds on the inside are exposed. So after the fire dies down, the seeds are given the chance to fall to the ground and germinate. It’s kind of beautiful once you think about it. Sometimes you have to destroy things to build them back up again.

I’m just rambling but maybe someone can add their 2 cents or start a discussion. Don’t mind me.