Jesus > Religion by Jefferson Bethke is a book about how Jesus came to reform religion. Bethke points out a lot of misinterpretations made by Christians when it comes to what the Bible is saying and who Jesus was during His time on earth. He points out how Jesus had no respect of persons. I like the fact that he attacked the anti-gay agenda of many churches, and explained how we should love people even though we may not love the same way they do. He broke down a lot of the things that Christians are uptight about including dancing, secular music, and alcohol. There’s no where in the Bible that says any of those things are wrong, and yet Christians tend to demonize those instead of having a good time.

Another thing that I liked about the fact is that he pointed out that sometimes Christians need to close the Bible and open our eyes to what’s going on in the world. One of his examples was how churches harp on tithing and yet we may know single moms who are struggling to pay their bills. I like the fact that he said that when some people are going through hard times, the last thing that they need is a sermon. After each chapter, there are discussion questions that you can answer. These questions can be good for daily devotions or a book club.

The only thing I didn’t like about the book was the writing style. While it was relatable and conversational like it should be, it seemed like the reading level was preteen even though it spoke about adult issues. Other than that I recommend anyone whether Christian or not to read it.

You may recognize this author from his viral Youtube video shown below: