I see all over social media that people are “celebrating” the death of Michael Brown. I also see that people have blacked out their avis in “support” of this situation. This confuses me. Why are we celebrating the death of a situation where both people could’ve been held responsible? Also why are we celebrating the death of someone who did nothing heroic? While I do support some of the work of the #BlackLivesMatter community, I’m ready for the Black community to start facing the issue of police brutality and government corruption with logic instead of emotion. It’s ok to feel outraged about things that one does not understand. It is also ok to admit to not understanding something, but if you do not understand the technicality of the law then that does not give you the right to be loud and wrong.

What I would love to see is more Blacks majoring in Criminal Justice. I want to see more Blacks running for mayor, sheriff, police commissioner. You can’t be this critical over a system that you don’t like without willing to work for the system and influence it. The way that the government works is that they do allow us to air out our grievances, but if they see that the ones airing out said grievances aren’t willing to get an inside look of the issues or face them logically then they’ll just keep doing what they want to do.

Another thing that is also getting aggravating is the fact that people are allowing other people to form their opinion on these cases. I’d advise any and everyone to look at these by a case by case basis and not try to look for trends that may not be there. It’s easy to do when on the surface everything looks the same, but this is where critical thinking comes into play. I find it funny how kids are taught to obey authority, but when adults are facing law enforcement they don’t have to comply. Maybe it’s me, but I’m not gonna be argumentative with someone who has about 16 rounds of a glock on their hip with two more clips on their belt. That’s like showing up with a knife to a gun fight. One thing I’ve said over and over is that if you are being detained by the police during a traffic stop, being argumentative because you believe you have been wrongly pulled over is not the battle to fight. Yes there are corrupt law enforcement, but you have to learn when and how to fight your battles.

I see a lot of people misquoting Us v Rodriguez saying that when a cop pulls you over that you do not have to consent to a search after you’ve been given a ticket. At the same time if people actually knew the law, then they’d know that you do not have to consent to a search of your vehicle anyway. They can search the lunge area around you if deemed reasonable. Now if something is found that shouldn’t be in there, and you feel that the search was unreasonable then by all means use that in court for your defense. During the stop is not the time to be combative. Just like the police aren’t the judge and jury, you aren’t either. It is not your job to decide what is or isn’t reasonable unless it is causing you bodily harm or doing harm to your vehicle.

This was basically a rant of things that popped up in my head. I know a lot of people are going to be mad, but I really don’t care because we need to get to the point where we look at both sides of the argument. Yes, #BlackLivesMatter , but we also need to learn when to be knowledgeable. I’ll keep following what is going on in the media, and don’t mind any comments or conversations regarding this posting. Let’s keep the conversation going while continuing to educate each other.