During the past few years, many people who are into makeup have become familiar with E.L.F. cosmetics. Their prices range from $1-$20 depending on what product you get, but the quality is still comparable to more pricey products. I saw this new face wash when I was in Wal-mart and immediately started reading the package. It said that it is infused with purified water to help keep your face moisturized. At $5, I decided to give it a try.

I got home and used it. Immediately the consistency reminds me of a cleanser by Estee Lauder or Mary Kay. It’s really creamy, but it isn’t heavy. A lot goes a long way. My face felt clean and soft after I used it. It was also glowing. I used it with my Clarisonic because I get blackheads, and only scrubbing seems to try to get rid of them.

I’d recommend this for all skin types. Also if you’re trying to get rid of acne scars, this may be a good product because your skin needs moisture to heal. I don’t have acne outbreaks so I’m not sure how it’d work for someone who gets a lot of zits and cysts. For $5, I’d say it is worth the try.