I found this moisturizer for $8 at Wal-mart. It’s ok, but my skin soaks up everything I put on it so I have to put more than the recommended amount so that my skin won’t feel tight in the morning. I use it at night after I use the face wash from another post. For $8, it has a good quality, and smells good. I’d recommend it for those with oily and combination skin. People with oily skin need to moisturize to help control the oiliness. From what I’ve noticed, your skin makes excess oil when it is actually dry. That’s why it can be shiny while feeling rough at the same time. If you have dry skin then you may want to use something heavier. E.L.F. has a heavier moisturizer that’s either $10 or $12 that you may be interested in. Overall, I like it and would buy it again.