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You are just as wrong as your husband Bill. You knew that for all of these years that your husband was drugging women and getting them under the influence of alcohol so that they would have sex with him. Whether or not you have an open marriage is your business, but the way that your husband victimized women is not right, and you know it.

As a woman, how can you sit back and watch a man who you supposedly love take advantage of other women? By you standing by his side, you sort of enabled him. Now it has came out that he has done the same thing to teenagers. Those women are someone’s daughter. What if it were your daughter? I know vows usually say for better or for worse. People also believe that when you become married you become one with your spouse which is why I’m calling you out on being full of it also.

I understand that the money Bill was bringing in was good. I understand that he has done a lot of good in the community, but he has also been a hypocrite. All of these years you have reaped the benefits of his hypocrisy. As a woman, I am not sure how you can hold your head up and feel ok with standing by him. You are no better than a madame at a brothel where women are forced into sex slavery. It’s just too bad that you can’t see it.

I am disgusted with your husband’s actions as a sane individual should but, but you are guilty by association. I pray for you Camille.