The Elf Hydrating Bubble Mask is a face mask that is to be used on wet skin. The instructions say to spread over face then to remove once it stops bubbling. I use this on my face and my neck because my neck tends to sweat and the salt from the sweat tend to not want to go away easily. I like how this feels on your face and neck, and I paid maybe $12 for it if that much. The packaging is small, but you only need a small amount to use so I think it should last me about 3 months. The cream inside is pretty concentrated so 2-3 pumps is enough for this.

I recommend this for people who have dry peeling skin because it leaves your skin feeling soft. I noticed that my neck is lighter after I’ve started using it. I use it about 1-2 times a week because I use the face wash everyday so I don’t need it more than that. After using the mask I follow with the daily moisturizer which also lasts a long time. My skin isn’t acne prone, so I’m not sure how that will work if your skin is. I can say that it leaves my skin glowing after I use it.elf-bubble-mask