In order to send some traffic to my new ebook, I decided to give previews of them. This is from the 1st part of Handcuffs. The link to my book is available here. I hope you enjoy this so far.

Beso isn’t your ordinary prostitute looking for a few tricks to pay her bills. This is simply for the thrill. See by day she is a detective at her Sheriff’s Office and spends her nights and weekends fulfilling the fantasies of others. She’s 5’8″ , 180 pounds, and 25 years old with curves that’ll make the Amazon River jealous. Her honey, caramel skin reflects her African American and Creek Indian heritage. Her chocolate brown curls reach out to the sky, and her light brown eyes reflects the sun’s rays. She goes by Beso Alma at night and Alise Brown by day. She has a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science in Criminal Justice, a resume that includes political lobbying, and is one of the youngest detectives in the state. She started out as a trooper with the highway patrol straight out of undergrad at the age of 21. Her Master’s was completed online during her off time. She has helped prosecute the top drug traffickers by strategically performing her traffic stops at high traffic areas such as truck stops, rest areas, and welcome stations. This is also how she ended up in prostitution.
One afternoon after a routine stop and truck inspection she caught the eye of a Fortune 500 CEO driving the finest Porsche Cayenne. It was a cobalt blue with chrome trim and all black leather interior. See this CEO had pulled over to the rest area to rest for a while. He had been driving for 5 hours, and needed a break. Little did he know he’d be breaking off this young trooper sometime in the future. “That’s a nice car you’re driving. I don’t know much about cars, but I know a nice one when I see one,” Mrs. Brown said.
“Thank you”, Mr. Colt chuckled, “Am I in trouble or are you just complimenting my vehicle?”.
Mrs. Brown said, “It’s just a compliment. It’s a nice car, and blue is my favorite color”. Somehow this conversation about his car turned into a 30 minute conversation about life. She handed him her business card and pulled off to complete her routine patrol along Interstate 20. Later that night on her business cell phone she received the text, “You have a lovely smile, and I’d like to see you sometime when I’m in town for business. I can also make you my business if you play your cards right”. It was from Mr. Colt. She ignored the text that night, but the next morning she woke up to another text from him that said, “Good morning beautiful”.
She replied, “Good morning. I hope you have a nice day.”
Mr. Colt replied, “It’d be even nicer if I can see you”. Mrs. Brown was not the type to cheat on her husband, but she thought it’d be nothing wrong with having friends so she responded, “I’ll get back with you on that”. That night after Mrs. Brown got off work, she was informed by her husband that he had to work a double so he would not be home until well after midnight.
She made plans with Mr. Colt. One thing led to another and she ended up bent over his hotel bed receiving backshots while gripping the sheets as he struggled to keep his erection. They ended up having an orgasm together. He kissed her on his forehead and slipped $200 in her hand. “I can’t accept this. It’s illegal, and I don’t do this. I have a husband, and…”, Mrs. Brown said before being cut short.
Mr. Colt kissed her on her lips and said, “You earned it, and this will be our little secret.” She left that night and cried on her way home. She was crying because she felt like she betrayed her husband, and was crying because she enjoyed it. For one night she was able to do what she was taught not to do. She was able to be a bad girl, get paid for it, and feel powerful.