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6 Inch Women’s Anthem

Since Beyonce dropped Lemonade back in April 2016, “6 Inch” featuring The Weeknd has been the song that stood out to me. Immediately I realized the song is about a strong woman. Lately I’ve been listening to it in a different way. It feels like it has more meaning. I watched the video, and this is what I noticed.

Throughout the video, Beyonce is riding through the streets with a red light glowing. I’m assuming it’s the red light district of a city. There is nothing but men walking through the streets. It made me think of masculine sensuality. Then there is another part where Beyonce is standing in a dark room with women surrounding her but sitting on couches. Beyonce is holding a red light bulb on a cord and twirling it around her head as if she is  casting a circle of protection with a coven. She mentions “your greatest fears”. This to me seems like she is acknowledging the strength of women when we gather in numbers.

Another element that stuck out to me is a red cross that flashes throughout the video. Crosses symbolizes rebirth. The word “loss” flashes for half a second before the verse that she sings. The verse that she sings is accompanied by Beyonce dancing on a stage, but she seems to be in a glass box symbolizing being trapped.

Towards the end when “stars in her eyes” starts you see Beyonce laying in bed with a mirror above her. Beyonce is staring visually distressed in the mirror before curling in a fetal position. You can tell that something has been bothering her. In another clip a hallway with a door and small window with a triangle over the door catches fire. Fire can be a symbol of purification and destruction. To me this symbolizes a woman destroying something to rebuild it. Beyonce is seen walking in this hallway in the white outfit that she wore in the bed so maybe this is her purification. A cross also catches on fire.

At the end of the song, Beyonce says “You know I make you feel. You’ll always come back to me” before “come back” echoes. At the end of the video, she is standing in front of women and fire. The words of the entire song sounds like she could be singing about a stripper which is clever because many people think stripping is degrading. What they don’t realize is how powerful it makes some women feel. The “come back to me” at the end reminds women that we can take back our power or other things that have been loss. I used to think “6 Inch” was about men, but I see now that it is really a women’s empowerment song.


Good Luck Bath

Recently I’ve been expanding my knowledge of spirituality through reading, watching Youtube, and speaking with practitioners. One day I came up with something to put in my bath water for good luck. Before I did that, my tarot readings spoke of hard times, and now they reveal prosperity for the future. This is what I used: milk, honey, cinnamon, ginger, and lemon juice. I didn’t measure anything but it looks like I’ve used about 2 tbsp of honey, cinnamon, and ginger. I used enough milk to fill the mason jar I used. I think it’s a 12 oz jar. And I squeezed maybe a tsp of lemon juice. I  shook up the mixture in the jar after sealing it so that the honey would break up, and placed it in my refrigerator on top of a piece of paper that I wrote down what I want out of life. When I use it in my bath water, I use maybe 3-4 oz at a time since cinnamon and ginger shouldn’t get into your lady parts. I store it in the fridge to keep the milk from souring. Shake before each use since the cinnamon and ginger settles. I think after I’m finished with it, I’ll cleanse the jar and use it for something else. Not sure what yet.