Sometimes I wish that I wasn’t an introvert. It’s isolating at times. I wish that I were that person who could walk into a crowded room and interact without having to feel it out 1st. I’m the one at work who sits towards the exit in a conference room just in case. It makes me feel safe. I wish that people would understand that, “Why are you quiet” is an offensive question. I don’t ask people why they won’t shut up. I have the ability to tune people out.
Sometimes being a free spirit is a burden too. It’s hard to follow the crowd when you don’t want to, and that’s one of the easiest ways to be left out. I like my freedom and individuality, but it makes jobs that require a lot of team work and recognition difficult. People don’t really understand being a free spirit because we are allegedly naturally social animals. People also think being a free spirit means promiscuity. I have sex maybe once a year. These two personality traits should come with a disclaimer. What that disclaimer would be, I’ll figure out someday.