I have been using these three types of incense lately because they are supposed to help manifest money. The Gold Rain and the Money House incense are for money. Fast Luck has a picture of gambling so I’ve been burning two sticks at a time. I may burn a Gold Rain and a Fast Luck or a Fast Luck and a Money House etc. You get the idea. They are really cheap. One thing I’ve done while burning them is placing fake money under them with my intentions. The fake money catches the ashes which allows for easier cleanup. Then I take the ashes and toss them outside on the ground to let nature take care of them. They haven’t manifested the windfall that I need, but I have been getting a few more dollars here and there. I buy them at a local metaphysical shop, but they can also be ordered online. The Gold Rain has a sweet and spicy smell to it. The other two also smell good, but I’m not quite able to describe the smell. Because they do smoke, it is wise to use them in adequate ventilation even if it means opening windows. If not then the air in your home will become heavy if the space isn’t that big