Envy is when you want something that someone else has. I struggle with this when it comes to certain things especially encouragement. I see people be their kids’ biggest cheerleader. They tell their child that they can do anything. I see how they call their children beautiful or handsome, and I wish that I got that as a child. It always seemed like I wasn’t good enough. I either needed to “stop looking so ugly” or when I got to high school it was, “You’d be cute if you wore makeup”. It didn’t bother me when I was a child. As an adult rejection makes those things dig deep. I know it’s easy to say that you should encourage yourself. That’s all well and good until it’s someone else’s assessment of you that determines whether or not you get that job or relationship. It’ll get better one day, but for now I’m going to allow myself to feel envious in order to deal with it.