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Get Your Resumes In Order

As we can see, so many institutions are crumbling due to misconduct. People in charge are the ones getting caught up in their drama. Politicians are perjuring themselves. The FBI has indicted people tied to political parties. Actors and directors in Hollywood are being investigated for sexual assault. Banks are getting in trouble for their predatory practices. I feel like the medical field will be next since the criteria for high blood pressure has been lowered. This brings me to the realization that a lot of positions are about to be vacant.

The vacancies in medicine, social science, entertainment, and political science fields will happen because of how many people are getting in trouble. This is why I say to get your resumes in order. Even if someone already in those organizations move up into the vacant leadership positions, the entry level positions will be open. This is the perfect time to see how you will get yourself in the door. If you qualify for a higher level job, then by all means apply for it. If you feel as though you don’t qualify for a certain position, still apply for it. Watch God work miracles as you move on faith. This is your time if you have been genuinely trying to make that next move. Remember success if when preparation meets opportunity. You have to be ready for your blessing. Here are links to stories of things hitting the fan.


Living Intentionally


I feel like I should be writing this from an antique plush velvet lounge couch with a mink shawl draped luxuriously over my shoulders and a long cigarette holder from the 1920’s effortlessly dangling between my fingers, because people…I feel so stinkin’ cultured after this weekend.

Just call me Holly Golightly.

But before I get into that, just a quick announcement that is super exciting! I had been getting some feedback that the download process for my ebook, “My Blogging Tips” was a bit cumbersome. So — it is now available on iTunes!You can get your copy here.
OK – back to my Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

This weekend, my best friend and I went to The MET – The Metropolitan Museum of Art – in NYC. I’m going to be super honest with y’all. I live down in the village, and honestly, I never leave my little corner…

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I finally have a storefront of my Teespring campaigns. These items are a mixture of jokes and inspiration. Just in time for Christmas. More to come in the following days.

Teespring Storefront 

Social media a blessing and a curse. It blesses business owners by providing them the platform to advertise their business. It helps us to stay informed with current events. It gives uninformed people a platform to show how stupid they are. It gives cowards the ability to bully people anonymously. This particular rant is a challenge to those who always comment about mass shootings.

Mass shootings is a tragedy that I in no way condone. It is senseless. They also seem fishy because the shooter rarely makes it out alive. At the same time, many people on social media have started this movement where a lot of them are telling people that “thoughts and prayers” aren’t enough. They want solutions from elected officials. While I understand their anger, I understand the power of prayer. Prayer can help give you clarity regarding situations that you may not have previously understood. Prayer can move people’s hearts to take action.

My issue with those who keep talking down about thoughts and prayers is that they too aren’t providing solutions. We live in a time where information especially scholarly information is available to anyone. You do not need to be a college student to access a lot of this information.  If you are so frustrated with someone offering thoughts and prayers, then you come up with a solution. You sit and study the patterns of the issues. Find similarities. Leave your emotions out of the study. Pay attention to who is doing the shootings. Find similarities in their backgrounds.

Another thing to pay attention to is to see where these mass shootings occur. Are they happening in areas with strict or relaxed gun laws? Read the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report to see what’s going on. Look up the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Study some Criminological theories. Become more than a commentator for once. Become a scholar. Take the time to see what’s going on, write a proposal, then submit it to elected officials. Go out and do things in the community. Become more than 140 characters behind a computer screen.

Maybe if elected officials see that their voters are willing to take the time to study issues and present logical solutions, things may actually change. Just like thoughts and prayers are becoming an old saying, gun control is too. Remember the library is free.

Here is a short post on how I used books that aren’t devotionals as devotionals. I apologize for the length, but I do not have a SIM card at the moment.


Perfect Will Of God

Here is some audio, on my thoughts about the perfect will of God and the way we approach thinking about things.

I recorded this audio in my car on my phone using bluetooth headphones so if it sounds rough, you know why. This is the first time I have ever recorded audio to post. I hope to do this more often. This also has been the most vulnerable I’ve been in a while. None of what I said was planned. I basically spoke from whatever came up came out. Enjoy.

Update: Handcuffs

Last year I published a book called Handcuffs which is a short story dealing with heartbreak, lust, politics, betrayal, and redemption. Because it is my first book, the layout may be rough, but the story is still good. This year I published a paperback version of the book, and it should be available within 24-48 hours. I hope to publish more in the future, and to become more active on here. My next book is either going to be reflective or about history. Here is a link to the Kindle version of the book. Enjoy!


While The World Watched by Carolyn Maull McKinstry centers a personal story around the 16th Street Baptist church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama on September 15, 1963. I don’t want to go too much into the history of that bombing because I’d like for you to read it for yourself, but I will go into details surrounding other events. This book is written as Carolyn McKinstry as the narrator. The four girls killed in the bombing were friends of hers, and it took years for her to learn how to cope with this murder because she was a little girl herself during this time. She tells of how black neighborhoods were bombed frequently by the Klan. Most of the bombs were meant to scare blacks, but many of them killed blacks. She said that it was rumored that that bomb that went off in church went off at the wrong time because those who set it didn’t mean to kill anyone.

One thing that stuck out to me was her descriptions of the water hoses used on protesters. I didn’t know how strong they were, but they were strong enough to break a man’s bones. She mentioned how one was turned on her, causing a patch of her hair to be ripped off of her scalp. It also had blown a hole into her sweater. She talked about how experiencing that bombing caused her younger brother to become quieter than usual. She also went through depression that she tried to numb with heavy drinking. Her doctor gave her five years to live. What got her out of the drinking was the fact that one of her daughters had almost been ran over in traffic because she was not paying attention to them when they were outside. Throughout the years her and her husband live in Miami, Atlanta, and then back to Birmingham. She said that race relations were slow to change. In Miami and Atlanta they lived well for themselves. When they moved back to Birmingham, it still felt segregated.

This book goes over the deaths of Martin Luther King Jr, J.F. Kennedy, and other civil rights leaders. She said that the death of whites who tried to help blacks made them feel helpless. Many of those who grew up around these issues developed depression and became emotionally distant as a way to cope. It made me wonder if that is why mental health issues in the black community aren’t talked about. She herself had to call a suicide prevention hotline because she felt as if she had no one to talk to. Overall I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in history, race relations, or mental health. It has many layers packed into a book that can be read in a weekend.

I’ve recently been thinking of all the things that I like. I like the legal field, social issues, music, art, writing, and reading. The issue is that I don’t know how I could mix these into one career. I also don’t mind working in an office, but I prefer to be alone. I’m not a people person, but I don’t mind helping people. I like my freedom, but I like structured rules. This helped me to come to the conclusion that I am not ready for a career. Because I want to try so many things, it would be a disservice to me to pursue a career because I’d be bored.

I’d be bored sticking to a career for 10-20 years because I’ll keep thinking “what if”. I’d always wonder what it’d be like to speak in front of an audience of safety personnel on how recovery efforts after natural disasters would be handled. I’d wonder too much how it’d be like to play violin professionally with a symphony orchestra. I would sometimes wonder if I could even have made it to Broadway or speak in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. Call it a lack of discipline, loyalty, or stability if you want. I call it staying true to myself, and having the willingness to master various things. I’ll turn 27 on December 19th of this year. When I’m 70 I want to be able to look back and acknowledge my lack of fear in trying different things. Everyone is not made to have a career. As of now, I am one of those people.