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She walks on her tiptoes with her hands to the sky reaching for the blessings meant for her.

She opens her palm to embrace her surroundings while displaying the light that is within her.

Her dance in the sunlight shows grace and elegance while the wind blows her hair to her beat.

She feels God moving through her & guiding her breath from her head all the way to her feet.



I’m a little bit crazy, but you made me this way.

Why would you exhibit so much passion and not expect to stay?

My sanity is waning ’cause this feeling’s so strong.

Knowing you are the reason for this all along.

Now I’m reaching out to you with tear filled eyes.

Never mind the fact we fed each other a bunch of lies.

Could you acknowledge the fact that what I feel is true?

I hate how you’ve gotten me to the point where I need you.

I need you to make me realize that my crazy isn’t in vain.

I need you to help me find what made me feel sane.

I need your listening ear and your touch once again.

I need you to make me feel whole again.


Had it not been for you, I would’ve set aside my dreams.

You gave me life, respect, and the push I didn’t know I need.

You watched me grow. You’ve helped me grow into who I am today.

But now that I am where I need to be, you’ve taken your support away.

You told me things like how to get over someone who didn’t mean me any good.

When I finally let go you took his place just how I knew you would.

But now I need you the most; you dare just up and leave.

I guess for me to mature, that’s how things really have to be.

I can’t say it doesn’t hurt because to us I’d be tryna fool.

How I was just convenient and for your ego I was just a tool.

Now I’m scarred, scared, numb, and damn near damaged.

Good thing I have the memories because that’s all I can manage.


I want to walk along the beach in deep conversation with you.

I want to lay around the house with just us and nothing to do.

I want to drown out the world as we dance to music.

I want to achieve greatness as if I’m the 1st to do it.

I want to succumb to my emotions and let me feel what needs to be felt.

I want to process things in you that haven’t been dealt.

You are my mind,  my conscience, my imagination…

Some alone time with you is needed without any hesitation.


I met you at a time when love was rare but emotions deep.

You gave me the words, the joy, and transparency I needed.

You pulled me in close to the point where it seemed to be intimacy.

You made me fall for you just in time for you to leave.

I met you after a hard time when pain was near and smiling rare.

You made me feel so wanted and comfortable like you’d always be there.

I let you in down deep within and intimacy we shared.

You seemed so passionate and invested while pretending to care.

You made me fall for you just in time for you to leave…

The uncertainty and confusion you left behind; I wish that you could see.


Your air feeds my fire;

Sending flames of passion higher and higher.

My fire heats up your air…

You bear water that could extinguish my flames, but you dare not go there.

With all of this energy between us it’s a wonder that we don’t cause a storm.

Atmosphere of high passion with the potential to destroy.

It’s something in us created between us that creates this danger we enjoy.

#NSFW Lusty

I hate to admit this,

But it really hurt my pride to end this


That made me feel so different, wanted, and you earned my


I saw stars when you were in me.

You reached my soul with the  strokes you gave me.




Too bad lust never really can last.

Love Haiku

It was yours…almost.

Could’ve had a rare treasure.

Which is my heart…love.




Spoken Word-Jill Scott

This is a poem about how these young teenage girls be having grown bodies with the mind of children. It also explores the thoughts of older men and what they want to do with those bodies.