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Body Shop’s Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask is great for people who have cystic acne, breakouts, and inflammation. The mask itself is sort of grainy so there is slight exfoliation. One of the ingredients of the mask is tea tree oil which does cause slight burning on skin areas that are inflamed. I do not recommend using this everyday because it does exfoliate, and it dries out skin. I do recommend this for those who suffer from acne especially black heads and skin tags. Tea tree oil and charcoal both purify so it helps treat those things. If you have large, oily pores, you may see oil seep out looking like blackheads. This just show that your pores are being cleansed and tightened. If tea tree oil makes you nauseated, do not use it. It does have a strong tea tree oil smell to it. Another option is to only use it on problem areas instead of all over. This can be found at The Body Shop and places that carry Body Shop products.


drops of youth

Body Shop’s Drops of Youth Youth Concentrate is a solution with ingredients such as glycerin and aloe vera. I received this in a Body Shop gift set, and I was skeptical of it. I was skeptical because I figured that it was an anti-aging product. I also thought that it would possibly be thin. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is basically a moisturizer. I think the aloe helps to moisturize while the glycerin seals in the moisture. I’ve used it after washing my face and/or after using a mask. It has prevented my skin from peeling where it normally peels. I’d recommend this to anyone of all ages who tends to have dry or combination skin. This is especially good during the winter months because while the skin absorbs the product, the product doesn’t seem to wear out. It doesn’t burn. It has a light scent that’s sort of like most unscented lotions. Alone it is about $38 at the body shop. I got it in a gift set with others products for about $49. The gift set also had an eye liner, lip stain, body scrub, body butter, body moisturizer, face moisturizer, and a body wash. It was purchased at TJ Maxx. If you want to use this, try to find a bargain to save money in case you do not like it.

Enchanted Map Oracle cards by Colette Baron-Reid are based on a traveler’s journey. They feature cards such as a Wishing Well, Dry Dessert, Coming Together, and a Compass. I haven’t really learned them that well, but it features a pretty thick book that helps you with interpreting them. Below is a picture of them. Have you used them? What do you think?

Overall I like the thickness of the cards. As with most cards, they are a little too big for female hands, but the graphics are nice. To see this deck click on the link below. For some reason I can’t insert pics of the cards.

I have been using these three types of incense lately because they are supposed to help manifest money. The Gold Rain and the Money House incense are for money. Fast Luck has a picture of gambling so I’ve been burning two sticks at a time. I may burn a Gold Rain and a Fast Luck or a Fast Luck and a Money House etc. You get the idea. They are really cheap. One thing I’ve done while burning them is placing fake money under them with my intentions. The fake money catches the ashes which allows for easier cleanup. Then I take the ashes and toss them outside on the ground to let nature take care of them. They haven’t manifested the windfall that I need, but I have been getting a few more dollars here and there. I buy them at a local metaphysical shop, but they can also be ordered online. The Gold Rain has a sweet and spicy smell to it. The other two also smell good, but I’m not quite able to describe the smell. Because they do smoke, it is wise to use them in adequate ventilation even if it means opening windows. If not then the air in your home will become heavy if the space isn’t that big

The Elf Hydrating Bubble Mask is a face mask that is to be used on wet skin. The instructions say to spread over face then to remove once it stops bubbling. I use this on my face and my neck because my neck tends to sweat and the salt from the sweat tend to not want to go away easily. I like how this feels on your face and neck, and I paid maybe $12 for it if that much. The packaging is small, but you only need a small amount to use so I think it should last me about 3 months. The cream inside is pretty concentrated so 2-3 pumps is enough for this.

I recommend this for people who have dry peeling skin because it leaves your skin feeling soft. I noticed that my neck is lighter after I’ve started using it. I use it about 1-2 times a week because I use the face wash everyday so I don’t need it more than that. After using the mask I follow with the daily moisturizer which also lasts a long time. My skin isn’t acne prone, so I’m not sure how that will work if your skin is. I can say that it leaves my skin glowing after I use it.elf-bubble-mask

I found this moisturizer for $8 at Wal-mart. It’s ok, but my skin soaks up everything I put on it so I have to put more than the recommended amount so that my skin won’t feel tight in the morning. I use it at night after I use the face wash from another post. For $8, it has a good quality, and smells good. I’d recommend it for those with oily and combination skin. People with oily skin need to moisturize to help control the oiliness. From what I’ve noticed, your skin makes excess oil when it is actually dry. That’s why it can be shiny while feeling rough at the same time. If you have dry skin then you may want to use something heavier. E.L.F. has a heavier moisturizer that’s either $10 or $12 that you may be interested in. Overall, I like it and would buy it again.

During the past few years, many people who are into makeup have become familiar with E.L.F. cosmetics. Their prices range from $1-$20 depending on what product you get, but the quality is still comparable to more pricey products. I saw this new face wash when I was in Wal-mart and immediately started reading the package. It said that it is infused with purified water to help keep your face moisturized. At $5, I decided to give it a try.

I got home and used it. Immediately the consistency reminds me of a cleanser by Estee Lauder or Mary Kay. It’s really creamy, but it isn’t heavy. A lot goes a long way. My face felt clean and soft after I used it. It was also glowing. I used it with my Clarisonic because I get blackheads, and only scrubbing seems to try to get rid of them.

I’d recommend this for all skin types. Also if you’re trying to get rid of acne scars, this may be a good product because your skin needs moisture to heal. I don’t have acne outbreaks so I’m not sure how it’d work for someone who gets a lot of zits and cysts. For $5, I’d say it is worth the try.

I’ve been using Ogx products for a while now and haven’t found one that I didn’t like yet. This one is the deep conditioner I’ve been using lately when I can find it. It has coconut, honey, and citrus extracts in it which gives it a really sweet smell that I love. It’s thick and creamy which is good for thick hair. Even though it says curls, people with straight or relaxed hair can also use it. Mine is relaxed, and I have no problems with it. You can use it as a leave in or rinse it out. One thing I didn’t know until I actually peeled back the label is that you can actually use it as a body butter too. I haven’t tried it for that mainly because I’d have to buy 2-3 at a time to be able to use it in my hair once a week, but I’m sure it smells good all over. When I use it as a deep conditioner, I don’t rinse all of it out so that some of it can be used as a heat protectant when I blow dry my hair since I’m out of the blow out cream. After my hair has been flat ironed or done whatever it is I feel like doing to it, I may brush some of this in my edges to help keep them slicked down as I tend to have fly aways. It’s about the same price as the other products which is usually around $7 depending on where you go. To me it’s worth the money because I don’t have to use as much of this product as I do with other deep conditioners.

I haven’t done a product review and really need to catch up. I’m doing a review on this because not only is it cheap, but it’s the only product that accurately blends in with the red undertones in my skin. I’m what people in the South would call a redbone. One thing that really impressed me was the price. I found this gem for about $3 at a local CVS. It’s not heavy at all. It goes on smooth. It’s not something you’d wear if you’re looking for full coverage, but it does go well over concealer. This product also makes your skin look sunkissed which is good. I say this is good because finding a makeup in your tone is important if you go outside. Sometimes being outside can cause makeup to look chalky on your face if you tend to turn red like me. I haven’t had the chalky look with this BB Creme, and I didn’t have to pay as much as the higher end brands. “Higher end” makeup retailers such as Ulta do not carry this brand. I’ve already searched in hopes of finding something that CVS may not carry, but the only similar brand is Nyx. I’d recommend this to women who are near a caramel tone, but tend to turn red. Now if I can find something to set it with, then I’d be in love.

So I picked this up cause I usually use Nair & I wanted to try something different. This kit comes with a jar of wax mostly made of sugar, corn starch, and cocoa. It smells like heaven, but don’t taste it. Don’t ask why I say this. It comes with an applicator, cloth/paper strips to remove the wax, and some prewax wipes to numb the area. The wipes are soaked in Benzocane (sp) and work really well. The was itself does not. It does not stick to your hair at all, but it sticks to your skin. You’re supposed to spread a thin layer on the area where you want to remove hair, apply the strip, then pull of quickly opposite of the direction your hair grows. Because it is sugar, the was can be removed easily using water.

I do not recommend it because it simply does not work.