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Get Your Resumes In Order

As we can see, so many institutions are crumbling due to misconduct. People in charge are the ones getting caught up in their drama. Politicians are perjuring themselves. The FBI has indicted people tied to political parties. Actors and directors in Hollywood are being investigated for sexual assault. Banks are getting in trouble for their predatory practices. I feel like the medical field will be next since the criteria for high blood pressure has been lowered. This brings me to the realization that a lot of positions are about to be vacant.

The vacancies in medicine, social science, entertainment, and political science fields will happen because of how many people are getting in trouble. This is why I say to get your resumes in order. Even if someone already in those organizations move up into the vacant leadership positions, the entry level positions will be open. This is the perfect time to see how you will get yourself in the door. If you qualify for a higher level job, then by all means apply for it. If you feel as though you don’t qualify for a certain position, still apply for it. Watch God work miracles as you move on faith. This is your time if you have been genuinely trying to make that next move. Remember success if when preparation meets opportunity. You have to be ready for your blessing. Here are links to stories of things hitting the fan.


Social media a blessing and a curse. It blesses business owners by providing them the platform to advertise their business. It helps us to stay informed with current events. It gives uninformed people a platform to show how stupid they are. It gives cowards the ability to bully people anonymously. This particular rant is a challenge to those who always comment about mass shootings.

Mass shootings is a tragedy that I in no way condone. It is senseless. They also seem fishy because the shooter rarely makes it out alive. At the same time, many people on social media have started this movement where a lot of them are telling people that “thoughts and prayers” aren’t enough. They want solutions from elected officials. While I understand their anger, I understand the power of prayer. Prayer can help give you clarity regarding situations that you may not have previously understood. Prayer can move people’s hearts to take action.

My issue with those who keep talking down about thoughts and prayers is that they too aren’t providing solutions. We live in a time where information especially scholarly information is available to anyone. You do not need to be a college student to access a lot of this information.  If you are so frustrated with someone offering thoughts and prayers, then you come up with a solution. You sit and study the patterns of the issues. Find similarities. Leave your emotions out of the study. Pay attention to who is doing the shootings. Find similarities in their backgrounds.

Another thing to pay attention to is to see where these mass shootings occur. Are they happening in areas with strict or relaxed gun laws? Read the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report to see what’s going on. Look up the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Study some Criminological theories. Become more than a commentator for once. Become a scholar. Take the time to see what’s going on, write a proposal, then submit it to elected officials. Go out and do things in the community. Become more than 140 characters behind a computer screen.

Maybe if elected officials see that their voters are willing to take the time to study issues and present logical solutions, things may actually change. Just like thoughts and prayers are becoming an old saying, gun control is too. Remember the library is free.

Here is a short post on how I used books that aren’t devotionals as devotionals. I apologize for the length, but I do not have a SIM card at the moment.


Perfect Will Of God

Here is some audio, on my thoughts about the perfect will of God and the way we approach thinking about things.

I recorded this audio in my car on my phone using bluetooth headphones so if it sounds rough, you know why. This is the first time I have ever recorded audio to post. I hope to do this more often. This also has been the most vulnerable I’ve been in a while. None of what I said was planned. I basically spoke from whatever came up came out. Enjoy.

Envy is when you want something that someone else has. I struggle with this when it comes to certain things especially encouragement. I see people be their kids’ biggest cheerleader. They tell their child that they can do anything. I see how they call their children beautiful or handsome, and I wish that I got that as a child. It always seemed like I wasn’t good enough. I either needed to “stop looking so ugly” or when I got to high school it was, “You’d be cute if you wore makeup”. It didn’t bother me when I was a child. As an adult rejection makes those things dig deep. I know it’s easy to say that you should encourage yourself. That’s all well and good until it’s someone else’s assessment of you that determines whether or not you get that job or relationship. It’ll get better one day, but for now I’m going to allow myself to feel envious in order to deal with it.

When it comes to friendship or companionship, everyone has the right to seek out those who are like minded. Those who are like minded may not be in the same demographic which is perfectly fine. That is why I am confused when women who do not associate with that many women are looked down upon.

I personally don’t associate with that many women because I am not the same mentally as that many of them. I do have a few female friends, but we are all like minded. I don’t want to sit around and talk about men all the time. Yes, men are gorgeous, but I like activities. It’s easier to get a guy to go do certain things than a woman which is ok. I don’t mind getting sweaty and having conversations about humanities. The average woman won’t even speak up on social issues. Notice how your FB news feed have more men speaking up than women. I also grew up with three brothers so I am more comfortable around men. So the next time you see a woman who prefers hanging around guys remember there is nothing wrong with it, and mind your business.

Lessons About God

I grew up in a private Christian school from the ages of 4-17. I was made to go to a Baptist Church on Sunday. Throughout this time I had received mixed messages of God. The private Christian school that I went to taught us in a very Anglo Saxon way if you know what I’m saying. I’ve even had a bus driver say that there were no black people in the Bible. This school allowed praise and worship music, but I had a friend who got suspended for listening to a Kirk Franklin cd on the bus. We were told that it was wrong for certain instruments such as drums and guitars to be in church because rock musicians used them. We were told that it was wrong for those churches who have members running around and speaking in tongues.

As far as the Baptist church, I didn’t learn anything from it. All I remember is that the choir would sing songs that I couldn’t understand because the diction was horrible. Many times I would go to sleep because I didn’t pay attention. As I got older, an older boy showed interest in me, but I was not interested in him. He would wonder why I didn’t do anything in church. He would speak to my mom, but never to me. Meanwhile his mom who was an associate minister would watch me as I took care of my nieces and nephews.

When I went to college, I would read bits and pieces of my Bible but never studied it. I went to Bible study faithfully which really helped me to deal with my impossible roommates. In undergrad, I had a Sociology professor who was an ordained Baptist minister. Sometimes he would start preaching and would have to stop himself. What he didn’t realize is that we liked when he preached because he taught us how to respect and learn from other religions. I need to find him for a therapy session. He is also a licensed therapists, and many of us would go to his office just to talk.

After I graduated from grad school, I started reading my Bible verse by verse. It has taken some time because I am also considering the history and astrology that was observed during the time that those passages were written. With all of this being said, this journey has taught me many lessons about God. The main one is that you cannot put God in a box.

God is God whether we call him Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Universe, energy, Source etc. God is the glue that holds this universe together. God is the feeling that tells you everything will be ok even though you are facing eviction. God is knowing whether or not someone you meet for the first time will be a snake or one of the best people you will ever meet. God is realizing that you don’t have to have the same religious beliefs with someone else for you two to get along. God is the lesson you learn through tough times. God is the amplifier of your good times so that you can bless someone else. God is the peace during the storm. God is the discretion you have without proof.

During these last few years, I have met people who follow religions other than Christianity and it helped me to understand Christianity even more. It was a Wiccan who taught me how to use the Bible to manifest my desires. It were Astrologists who helped me to understand the timing in the Bible. Those beasts in the Bible represent astrological signs that show certain times of year. Following those who practice Yoruba and Vodoun religions helped me to understand how King Solomon appreciated the woman’s body. I used to shy away from other religions because I was taught they were false and evil, but when you humble yourself to God you see that He’ll show you who He is in ways you would never imagine.

Below is information from regarding the recent lawsuit against Navient.

Remember interest rates may go up so settling any student loan debt over $30k may be a viable option.


Chakra Tarot Spread

I did the chakra spread today, but with tarot cards. I’m not that good at tarot just yet, but I’ll type what I think it means. Here’s a link to the article that explains what every position means. If an “R” is next to a card then it means reversed.

Chakra Card Spread

  • Root-Empress, 10 of Wands R, Death R-I have what it takes to succeed, but through sacrifice can I only start over.
  • Sacral- 6 of cups R, 3 of wands R, Ace of cups R-I am realizing what I want if I open up and not let myself down.
  • Solar-9 of cups, Devil R, King of Pentacles-I am making the best out of my situation that’ll pay off later if I resist temptation.
  • Heart-8 of pentacles, Temperance, Emperor-Keeping my emotions in check will profit from the work I’ve done to grow.
  • Throat-5 of pentacles, 7 of cups, 2 of pentacles R-Clear communication will allow me to not have to juggle resources anymore.
  • 3rd eye- Strength, Lovers, 6 of wands R-I know who I am, but I need to learn how to love myself to gain true freedom.
  • Crown- Page of pentacles R, 8 of wands R, 4 of wands-I am letting the Diving know my needs, but I need to slow down to nurture myself.


Again I am not an expert so if you see these cards communicate a different message then please comment below. I posted this to help myself learn more.