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I have a Master’s of Science. It is good and bad. It is good because it taught me how to communicate what I learned in undergrad. It is bad because I do not have that much professional experience. My having a lack of experience is often a red flag for supervisors who may not even have a Bachelors. If you have a  Bachelors, think long and hard before going to grad school. You may spend time and money on an education that you may not need. I’d even encourage you to wait a few years before pursuing one.

This includes a Juris Doctorate too. I realized that since I would probably not be practicing law, I do not need a JD to get where I need. Many law schools offer Masters and professional certificates that can fill in the gaps to get you where you need to go. Consider those options before you have to pay $400 for a seat deposit and $800 to take the bar exam. If in doubt when it comes to grad school, don’t do it unless you need it. PLEASE

I wish I had known this back in 2012 when I applied to grad school. Luckily I feel like it’ll eventually pay off for me, but it’s going to take some time because I am only 27.


I was sitting here going through job postings that include salaries that I’d like to eventually earn. Something that came to my mind is that some jobs pay you to train, some jobs require you to pay for your training, and other jobs want you to train before starting work. I don’t think that the last one is a good idea, but I can sort of see how the first two options work. I favor getting paid to train though.

I favor getting paid to train because the training is often during a forty hour work week. Most people can’t afford to drive back and forth to training for free. At the same time, I see why training wouldn’t be free because we pay for college. I prefer paid training because you are already in the environment to learn the culture of your workplace. An example of the two differences is law enforcement. Some law enforcement agencies pay you to train while others require you to pay tuition. It’d be a mess if the military decided to do something like this, but I hope they wouldn’t. I have had a job where I had to train for free before even starting. It was a security job, and I had to watch videos at home while taking quizzes. I’m pretty sure that I spent at least twenty hours doing this training, and they should probably cut me a check. What do you think about training? Do you think that you should be compensated for it? Do you think that you should pay to be trained?

I’m just going to go on a short rant to warn people of debt relief scams. There are advertisements telling people that they can consolidate their debt and/or get rid of their student loans. Do not sign up for one of these services. What the services do, is go over your student loans to try to put you on an income based plan. The issue is that you usually have to pay them around $150 to sign up. Then you pay the service $150 for 6 months while your debt is deferred. After that, your student loan will go in to repayment. The stupid thing is, if you are already struggling to pay student loans then why would you pay someone else to fill out your paperwork?

If you are interested in income based plans or payment deferment, contact your lenders directly. Federal loans can be deferred up to 3 years. Private loans can be deferred on a case by case basis especially if you can prove that you are facing hardship. It is better to communicate with your lender than to default on a loan facing collections. I understand that certain lenders tend to have attitudes when it comes to student loans. If the lender is behaving in a way that is unprofessional, contact the attorney general’s office of your state of residency to see what you can do. I’ve had a student loan lender call me 6 times a day to collect on a loan that was in deferment. It’s a good thing that I pay attention to my credit report. I just don’t want anyone to get ripped off by these companies that promise debt relief. Handle your own business, and keep others out of it.

This morning I was researching educational programs that’ll best fit my career growth. I have previously applied for JD programs, but now I realize that I may not need that. I may be able to just receive another masters or receive a certificate for what I want to do. This revelation will save me so much money and prevent me from potentially going further into debt with student loans. As I was thinking this the words, “Be still and know that I am God” came into my mind. This line is from Psalm 46:10. Here is the whole verse. “Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.” I think this is God’s way of telling use to get somewhere and sit down.

This verse comes from a passage that basically says that we will go through things, and to let God take care of it. I wouldn’t say that I’m going through anything, but I will say that my path isn’t completely clear. I just got my foot in the door, and I need to get somewhere and sit down.

Maybe there is a time in your life where you may not know where to turn next. There may be a time where you have done all that you can to make progress, but you haven’t gotten as far as you’d like. That is the time to get somewhere and sit down. Let God work on the things that you can’t see so that all of your preparation will later make sense.

Get Your Resumes In Order

As we can see, so many institutions are crumbling due to misconduct. People in charge are the ones getting caught up in their drama. Politicians are perjuring themselves. The FBI has indicted people tied to political parties. Actors and directors in Hollywood are being investigated for sexual assault. Banks are getting in trouble for their predatory practices. I feel like the medical field will be next since the criteria for high blood pressure has been lowered. This brings me to the realization that a lot of positions are about to be vacant.

The vacancies in medicine, social science, entertainment, and political science fields will happen because of how many people are getting in trouble. This is why I say to get your resumes in order. Even if someone already in those organizations move up into the vacant leadership positions, the entry level positions will be open. This is the perfect time to see how you will get yourself in the door. If you qualify for a higher level job, then by all means apply for it. If you feel as though you don’t qualify for a certain position, still apply for it. Watch God work miracles as you move on faith. This is your time if you have been genuinely trying to make that next move. Remember success if when preparation meets opportunity. You have to be ready for your blessing. Here are links to stories of things hitting the fan.

Social media a blessing and a curse. It blesses business owners by providing them the platform to advertise their business. It helps us to stay informed with current events. It gives uninformed people a platform to show how stupid they are. It gives cowards the ability to bully people anonymously. This particular rant is a challenge to those who always comment about mass shootings.

Mass shootings is a tragedy that I in no way condone. It is senseless. They also seem fishy because the shooter rarely makes it out alive. At the same time, many people on social media have started this movement where a lot of them are telling people that “thoughts and prayers” aren’t enough. They want solutions from elected officials. While I understand their anger, I understand the power of prayer. Prayer can help give you clarity regarding situations that you may not have previously understood. Prayer can move people’s hearts to take action.

My issue with those who keep talking down about thoughts and prayers is that they too aren’t providing solutions. We live in a time where information especially scholarly information is available to anyone. You do not need to be a college student to access a lot of this information.  If you are so frustrated with someone offering thoughts and prayers, then you come up with a solution. You sit and study the patterns of the issues. Find similarities. Leave your emotions out of the study. Pay attention to who is doing the shootings. Find similarities in their backgrounds.

Another thing to pay attention to is to see where these mass shootings occur. Are they happening in areas with strict or relaxed gun laws? Read the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report to see what’s going on. Look up the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Study some Criminological theories. Become more than a commentator for once. Become a scholar. Take the time to see what’s going on, write a proposal, then submit it to elected officials. Go out and do things in the community. Become more than 140 characters behind a computer screen.

Maybe if elected officials see that their voters are willing to take the time to study issues and present logical solutions, things may actually change. Just like thoughts and prayers are becoming an old saying, gun control is too. Remember the library is free.

Here is a short post on how I used books that aren’t devotionals as devotionals. I apologize for the length, but I do not have a SIM card at the moment.


Perfect Will Of God

Here is some audio, on my thoughts about the perfect will of God and the way we approach thinking about things.

I recorded this audio in my car on my phone using bluetooth headphones so if it sounds rough, you know why. This is the first time I have ever recorded audio to post. I hope to do this more often. This also has been the most vulnerable I’ve been in a while. None of what I said was planned. I basically spoke from whatever came up came out. Enjoy.

Envy is when you want something that someone else has. I struggle with this when it comes to certain things especially encouragement. I see people be their kids’ biggest cheerleader. They tell their child that they can do anything. I see how they call their children beautiful or handsome, and I wish that I got that as a child. It always seemed like I wasn’t good enough. I either needed to “stop looking so ugly” or when I got to high school it was, “You’d be cute if you wore makeup”. It didn’t bother me when I was a child. As an adult rejection makes those things dig deep. I know it’s easy to say that you should encourage yourself. That’s all well and good until it’s someone else’s assessment of you that determines whether or not you get that job or relationship. It’ll get better one day, but for now I’m going to allow myself to feel envious in order to deal with it.